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Management Consulting

First of all, the core of Management Consulting is a reliable and professional consultant, who knows the specifics of Your business, is aware of new trends in industry You work in and is always ready to offer support and brilliant decisions to You.

We believe that professional management consulting should begin from detailed analysis of Client’s request and business diagnosticof internal and external environment in which the company operates.  In process of our work we use different business technologies, which enable us to find out the cause of the problems and to create the best personal solution for our Clients.

Analytics, Research and Expertise

  • Marketing research (local, regional, national and international level)
  • Internal and external environment business analysis
  • Expertise of management system: corporate strategy, organizational structures, managerial decisions
  • Preparation of thematic papers, presentations, surveys, reports
  • Providing of focus groups and brainstorming sessions

Business Diagnostic

  • Diagnostic and analysis of bottlenecks, creation of solutions
  • Projection of short-term and medium-term solutions
  • Complex current business situation analysis:  root cause analysis, business constraints, business risks, business opportunities and prospects in the short and long term
  • Business processes audit

Solutions and Implementation

  • Development of effective business models
  • Foreseeing of company and business future
  • Implementation of planning and reporting
  • Organization of structuring: business process modeling and business process reengineering
  • Reorganization, modernization, business model design
  • Branding: creating of a new brand, rebranding
  • Quality Management
  • Change Management
  • Strategic planning and Board Meeting & Strategic Planning Sessions
  • Creative and ideas sessions (individual and group)
  • Individual counseling sessions for owners and top management