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Career and Start-Up Consulting

Career Consulting

During the period when the future is difficult to predict and we must rely on оur own strengths, the most important thing is a clear understanding of internal capabilities and ways of using of оnes own maximum potential. Given that a job search in Ukraine, which is not an easy process, in these days turns into a real art, we offer You support in this area.

  • Career guidance, understanding of own potential and ways of its implementation
  • Unleashing of the creative potential
  • Career counseling, career planning, changing of career
  • The steps to successful employment: labor market analysis, preparing of a Resume, CV, Cover Letter, or Portfolio in Ukrainian, Russian and English, preparing for job interview, development of a candidate's image.

Start-Up Consulting

In the process of creating of a new business idea and development of a new business people meet a lot of interesting, exciting and multi-faceted tasks.  Start-Up Consultants provide services for structuring of ideas and evaluate their practicality, do market analysis, identify your business niche and clearly see the future products.  There are always necessary legal, marketing, financial advices, and services for finding contractors, partners for the project.

  • Co-Simulation and Evaluation of business ideas
  • Complex market analysis
  • Design of business idea, development of business plan
  • Corporate identity: creation of a logo and a tagline (slogan)
  • Creation of website and social network pages
  • Launch and support of projects
  • Development of activities to promote the Start-Up Projects