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Legal services

Legal Services in Realization of Human Rights and Freedoms

The Constitution and laws of Ukraine as well as international legislationprovide legal standards, provisions and requirements whereby basic rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of each person are realized and protected.

The decision of our company about providing legal support to our co-citizens wasn’t accidental. We couldn’t  even imagine the scope and hopelessness of the problems in our attempts to find protection and justice domestically until we had an experience of defending our own rights, when in 2014 we went through the time-consuming procedure of complaints submitting to different instances inside the country, but finally were forced to address international organizations in the hope to find a just solution of our case. As a result we have lodged group petitions to the international bodies under the 1503 Procedure of the Human Rights Committee.

Having had a working knowledge of how the domestic legal protection system operates and having been able to compare it with the international system of the realization of human rights we have felt it necessary to provide assistance to our co-citizens to realize their rights and freedoms. 

If Your basic human rights and freedoms are being violated or You are confronting with unfair actions or neglect of duties by the representatives of government bodies, local authorities, law enforcement agencies or other persons, our company is ready to render professional assistance in protection of Your rights and freedoms. If a situation requires we address complaints to International Human Rights Protection Organizations. 

We provide legal services both to individuals and entities.

Realizing the difficult economic situation in our country we recommend that you lodge group complaints. It allows to indicate the scale and the systematic character of infringements of human rights and freedoms. In this way you will be able to distribute the costs related to the legal support. Your case will be considered objectively and if a violation has been established You will be able to obtain compensation.


 To protect and upholdYour rights is reallyfeasible!

We provide legal assistance in the following areas:

  • Legal information provision relating torealization of basic human rights and freedoms: consultations, explanations, trainings (over 50 Euro)
  • Legal estimation of situations, activities, documents (50-150 Euro and over)
  • Drawing up letters, appeals, applications, complaints, petitions, etc. (on an individual or group basis) (100-1500 Euro and over)
  • Representing customer’s interests in courts, government  bodies, local agencies, international organizations (over 100 Euro)
  • Legal support of proceedings dealing with human rights and freedoms protection (300-2500 Euro and over)

 We Provide Online Legal Advice by Skype at any time suitable for You!