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Zhanna Balabaniuk
General Director
R&C Kyiv Group LLC 

Each day opens and creates new opportunities for us. In our work processes we are trying to keep track of the main trends, innovations, and ideas on both local and global markets, in order to implement best practices and business technologies together with our Clients.  

We believe that the model and principles of the “blue economy”, healthy and eco-friendly business development, corporate social responsibility are the major responses to world’s challenges for business nowadays.

Nowadays the world is in the process of transformation and goes through several types of crises that occur simultaneously: social, resources, socio-systemic, economic. Global distribution economics has shown its inability to find answers to the challenges of the modern world, leading to depopulation, deindustrialization, derealization (escape from reality).  The world is preparing to meet the transition to the 6th K-cycle from 2020.

The main trends today are dynamics, unpredictability of globalization and national identification processes.  Basic principles, values, senses, and aims have been changing. There is no answer to the question: what the world will be like in the future? But today the tasks, to be solved by society and business in the next decades are clear.  They are:

  • New management methods and techniques
  • Change of approach to evaluation of success
  • New types of financial instruments and institutions
  • Different approaches to the use of material wealth and resources
  • New principles of public relations
  • New intellectual, cultural and spiritual products

These are possibilities for Your business, sources for inspiration and creation of new products and services, technological and managerial innovations, that creating Your business basis today!

In our days of rapid changes business structures should be more flexible, business models should respond to contemporary challenges and company management should be innovative, open, transparent and efficient.  Only in this case companies will be able to develop business and management models that will be competitive and efficient in the near future.

“Everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you and you can change it, you can influence it, you can build your own things that other people can use”.

Steve Jobs

Ideas are the engine of progress and technologies are the engine of the economics.  Would you like to be competitive?  Provide the platforms for modeling of company’s and business future, project and creative laboratories.  Involve unusual people, search for talented individuals and create opportunities for their realization within Your business.  It isInnovations and Talents that offer competitive advantages and uniqueness of Your business.

Among the winners are companies, which have discovered the original energy-saving technologies, using of alternative types of resources and recycle.  Take care of Nature and it will repay you a thousandfold!

Professional сonsulting is one of these tools that offers opportunities for companies to feel confident, to reduce risks and open new opportunities to increase profitability of individual projects and overall business, and as a result,  the welfare of our Planet!