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Pricing Policy

We are focused on long-term partnership.  Therefore, our prices will please you as well as quality of our services!

We offer for our regular customers a bonus and discount system, and an unique comfortable service – “Your 24/7 Consultant” by Skype at any suitable time about any of matters.

Our rates are competitive.  The cost is determined individually depending on:

  • Types, terms and characteristics of all sort of work and the solutions we can offer
  • Terms of cooperation
  • The individual instructions of our customers 

There are clear and transparent discount system and loyalty policy.  We always agree in advance our rates and discount system, and types, systems and terms of payment.  There are no misunderstandings or surprises.

We are always pleased to give you more detailed information about our services, rates and discount system. 


For Regular Customers Free Small Business Advices!