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Zhanna Balabaniuk


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Email: zhanna@rckg.com.ua

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Consultant in Management  Consulting and Human Resources Management, a member of the Ukrainian Association business coaches and consultants, an expert of Expert Advisory Council of the National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service, an advisor of State Employment Service of Ukraine (central office), Doctor of Philosophy in Human Resource Management, General Director R&C Kyiv Group LLC.


Specialization Sectors: Production, Distribution, FMCG, IT, Services, Internet Business, Info Business, Construction, Agrosector, Public Sector, NGO.

Operating in: Ukraine, CIS countries, UK, Europe, USA, South-Eastern Asia.


Work Experience:

In the field of HR since 2006.

The Consulting Practice since 2009.



Ph.D in Human Resources Management, International Personnel Academy, Interregional Academy of Personnel Management, International Open University. Kyiv, 2012 Concentrations: efficiency of organization staff movement.

Dissertation: Improvements in Methodical Approaches when Evaluating the Effectiveness of Managerial Decisions on the Organization of Staff Movement.

M.A., Administrative Management, Interregional Academy of Personnel Management, Kyiv, 2006 (Graduated with distinction)

B.A., Economic and Personnel Management, Interregional Academy of Personnel Management, Kyiv, 2005 (Graduated with distinction)

Fluent in Ukrainian, Russian and English


Key Competencies

Construction and Business Management

Conduct a Strategic Planning Meeting on foresee of company and general business future.  Evaluation and design of business models.  Search and development of optimal, flexible business and management system. Structuring of: business audits, business processes design and business processes reengineering.  Reorganization, modernization, development of new business models.  Branding: brand creation and brand strategy, rebranding. Design and implementation of quality management system, change management system and reporting system.


Development and implementation of Start-Up Projects: co-simulation and evaluation of business ideas, complex market analysis, design business idea, development business plan, corporate identity: create a logo and a tagline (slogan), creation website, launch and support the project. 


Company Management

Authoring seminars, workshops, training sessions, working sessions following areas: various HR technologies, leadership, delegation, team management, change management, crisis management, analysis of managerial decisions in HR,  management of staff movement processes. 


Human Resources Management

Complex knowledge and understanding of Human Resources Management System.  Analysis, description, development, optimization, improvements, existing management practices; business processes; organizational structures; HR strategic and tactical plans; organization’s internal policies and procedures, and theirs effectiveness, monitoring and evaluation.

HR strategies and planning.  Personnel marketing (tries to fully satisfy the employee’s needs so ensuring not only their commitment and accomplishment but also a positive (employer) image with the application of marketing aspect and methods in the field of HR).  Recruitment for Key Positions. Find the best Recruitment Methods, Executive Search, Head Hunting.  Candidate evaluation (structured interviews, competency based interview).  Development and implementation of adaptation plans.  Development and implementation of all accompanying hiring process documents (position profiles, employment contracts, job offers, job descriptions, department descriptions).

Management of staff movement processes (internal and external), analysis of staff movement processes, development and implementation retention programs. Career and talent management. Job evaluation and workforce optimization.

Improving of motivation and performance systems. Training needs analysis and coordination of the learning process. Holding of Managers' Training Workshop and Breakout Session Presentations.

Training of managers (presentations, training sessions). HR management system optimization by identifying problematic issues and creation solutions. Resolve of workplace disputes and conflicts.  Management consulting, HR consulting, and management team consulting. Project Management.  Preparation of analytical reports and recommendations for top management.


Fields of Research and Practical Developments

Design, modeling of economic systems and business models.  Current global trends in corporate management, human resource management in the corporate and public sectors, the assessment of benefits and costs of personnel, estimation of investments in personnel, estimation of managerial decisions efficiency in organization staff movement and efficiency of management of organization staff movement.  Improvement of human resource management models in the context of the blue economy.


List of Publications