Rambler's Top100
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Whom do we look for

If you: 

  • Are a bright, ambitious person with clear objectives 
  • Have relevant education, are positive and open-minded 
  • Have detailed knowledge of your sphere of specialization 
  • Have not less than 5-7 years practical experience in your sphere of specialization; or are a student who wants to get practical experience and are interested in joining our team 
  • Are good at formulating unique ideas and methods 
  • Feel that you have creative potential, abstract thinking, self-motivation and are resourceful; have the ability to visualize 
  • Are service-oriented 
  • Value high-quality work and business ethics 
  • Have a responsible and caring attitude to other people 
  • Can recognize and respect originality in every person; do not compete with other team members 
  • Are honest and have a sense of humour


We will be really happy to work with you.

Join us!